We offer total printing solutions for all kinds of business needs. with excellence of 10 years in middle east market, we offers the best possible solutions to keep your business up and running under low cost. We ensure that our customer is satisfied with the quality of our products and services, possibilities are endless.


Print Environment Audit

Prior to the usage of our toner cartridges, our technical engineer will visit the customer’s premises, and perform a comprehensive check of all running printers. A complete report will be provided on the working condition of all printers, and any recommendation for any parts to be replaced would be provided. Final decision on parts replacement to rest with the customer.


Preventive Maintenance

On commencement of business transaction with Printec and usage of Printec cartridges, our technical engineer will perform a routine once a month visit to the customer’s premises, to check and perform preventive maintenance on all working printers, to ensure all print equipment remains in top shape and in working order.

customer service

Incident Response

Should there be any problems in any of the print equipment using Printec cartridges, Our technical team will respond at best within 48 hours either through telephone support, email or site visit to identify the problem and recommend/perform corrective action. ensuring no downtime to your business continuity.

As part of our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, Printec supports industry standards such as those set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) It would be an expensive of getting around. At Printec we have a solution to those high printer cartridges cost. We can recycle a huge range of cartridges utilizing the technical “know-how” developed over the years and the resource of international suppliers to provide you with a product that will cost less than new and perform like OEM.